Do you Storify? I do and here are three reasons why

I first began to see the potential of Storify when I was working for Patch. What a great way to present users with a multi-dimensional view of an issue or event!

One of my favorite early Storify treatments was the Patch coverage of Westboro Baptist Church coming to metro St. Louis in early February.

 Why Storify?

1. Tell me more. This tool allows you to build a narrative around a theme, story, event, or issue. Your building blocks are  online articles, posts on Facebook, Twitter tidbits, YouTube videos, instagram shots, flickr pics, Foursquare updates, you name it. If it’s on the web, it can be in your story. Plus, you can weave in your own remarks to add context.

2. Share the news. Once you’ve published your story, you can easily share it with people you’ve mentioned in the story itself and post directly to your Twitter feed and Facebook page. Great conversation starter! It’s easy to keep updating your narrative, too.

3. Engaging. Storify stories are fun and fascinating. The combination of photos, links, and social media conversation can be serious or light-hearted and  as rich and diverse as you make it.

Such a variety!

To give you an idea of the wide diversity of subject matter that you can find on Storify, here are some of my faves:

Who can Storify?

The possibilities are pretty much endless for:

  • Teachers
  • Journalists
  • Hobbyists
  • Political junkies
  • Weather junkies
  • News junkies
  • Bloggers
  • Politicians
  • Gadflies
  • Activists
  • Marketers
  • Public relations professionals
  • Sports fans
  • Culture mavens

I’ve run out of ideas for types of people who could make use of Storify. You get the picture.

  • Do you Storify? Why or why not? I am still in honeymoon stage where it can do no wrong. Please share your critiques, tips and tools!

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  1. My sister Marlena is totally crazy about your Mother’s body of work. I tried to link her to “Zee Edgell’s Site” in the navigation bar under “Sites I Like” but only andom links appeared. Any idea why this happened? Where else can she find her blog?

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