My favorite things (on Twitter this week)

This morning I started to get the feeling that I’ve being “favorite-ing” quite a few Tweets recently. I just checked and saw some pretty good items, and even remember why I gave them the gold star. It’s great way to quickly “save” information you want to go back to later.

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@DukePress (March 14): A good article about how being a multi-faceted professional can help in the job search. It’s about higher education, but is applicable to many fields.

@HomeOnHighway (March 13): I enjoyed this travel blog entry about Belize. A couple is basically driving through Central and South America. Photos included.

@Belizehub (March 12): You will likely feel a bit of job-envy after reading this blog post about the life of a tour guide in Belize.

@MediaSocialMad (March 12): This is a good primer on creating info graphics with a tool called Haven’t tried it yet.

@UTKnightCenter (March 12): I was interested to learn more about the 13th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) happening next month in Austin, TX.

@SteveCase (March 12): This item about passage of a bipartisan bill aimed at start-ups did not make many headlines, but it’s pretty vital to entrepreneurs.

@NABJDigital (March 12): Using public speaking as an extra tool in one’s branding and marketing toolkit is a subject dear to my heart.

@JesseNewhart (March 6): Great reminders and new tips here about keeping your blog alive and kicking.

  • What kinds of Tweets do you favorite?

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