From St. Louis to Cincinnati: Digital + broadcast + social media = my new job

Like the 2012 presidential candidates, I have my sights set on Ohio.

I am happy to announce that I will be joining Scripps at the company’s Cincinnati television station, WCPO –TV (ABC) in November. This position offers me the chance to combine my broadcast and digital news experience – not to mention social media, in which I’ve been known to dabble.

While Cincinnati is new to me, I am happy to say I have a few friends who live there. When I went for my interview, I was surprised to find a lovely scene: the Ohio River winding its way between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky; lots of trees, apartments and houses perched on bluffs, a glistening downtown and the contrast with historic Covington. WCPO itself sits in the Mt. Adams neighborhood near to Eden Park with its spectacular vistas.

After working solo since February–and, while I was with Patch, in various coffee shops, libraries and public places–I am actually looking forward to being in a newsroom again. The opportunity to collaborate with digital and broadcast professionals to deliver news and information, engage with the community, and innovate is exciting!

I will miss St. Louis, and with family members here, I will be visiting often—at least for a time. Next year, my parents will join my brother, Randall “Randy” Edgell, MD, and his family in Houston, where he has joined the University of Texas as a physician and faculty member.

One thing I won’t be leaving behind in St. Louis: That question, asked upon meeting someone new: “So, where did you go to high school?” People in Cincinnati ask it, too.


10 thoughts on “From St. Louis to Cincinnati: Digital + broadcast + social media = my new job

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  1. What great news for you Holly! We’ll miss your terribly, but I wish you all the very best in Cinncy. Perhaps we can have lunch before you go?

  2. Congratulations, Holly! You will be closer to your friends in Pittsburgh, too. They are so lucky to get your expertise and talents!

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