Here’s to a new year… and the arc of the moral universe

Maya Relief of Royal Blood Letting
Maya Relief of Royal Blood Letting (Photo credit: vintagedept)

The world did not come to an end. In fact, the countries that make up the mundo Maya are still with us—albeit it perhaps a little worse for wear after the hordes of apocalypse hopefuls came and went.

60 Minutes and SNL are still on the air. The New York Times, New Yorker and New York Review of Books—but not Newsweek—are still in print.

We still don’t know whether the U.S. will plummet over the fiscal cliff. And if we do, may the whole thing be a lesson to us in this era of political partisanship.

So, after some of the terrible and nail-biting moments of 2012, how do we do it: remain optimistic for 2013? I take a good measure of comfort from this quote:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but It bends toward justice” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy New Year, everyone! As the ancient Maya might say: “It’s a new day, folks.”

And be sure to check these out before 2012 runs out!


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