#ROFL: Vine and Twitter are making me laugh so hard I can’t even stand it

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 11.52.00 AMJudging by the number of social media posts about how to maximize, leverage, and optimize social media it’s fair to say that we take social media very seriously.

That’s why I am thankful to the people who find time to create parody accounts on Twitter and produce exquisitely funny six-second videos on Vine.

Here are my favorite Twitter parody handles, in no particular order:

@PrinceTweets2U – Samples: “excuse me but purple is the new black” and “i am the royal baby i am prince”

@ShakespeareSong – Sample: “Halt, the hammer of time is upon us” and “Frozen water, frozen water, infant”

@SeinfeldToday – Samples: “Jerry’s vacation’s ruined by the stress of avoiding Breaking Bad spoilers. Elaine’s never seen the show, ruins a viewing party w/questions” and “Jerry & George discover Kramer’s the subject of an insane number of Craigslist missed connections. Elaine gets a pixie cut. It’s disastrous.”

@DangItObama – Samples: “I don’t get Labor Day off.. THANKS OBAMA. ” and “Miley Cyrus. Thanks Obama.”

@PRISM_NSA – Samples “Our intelligence indicates that Obama is late for his Syria speech because Candy Crush Saga.” and “30 years ago today this was the #1 song in America. It’s still #1 at the NSA Every Breath You Take”

And over on Vine…

The thing that’s great about comedy on Vine is that creating it requires a lot more than six seconds to think out before you actually start rolling.

And, Vine is making stars out of every day people who have a knack for tapping into the hilarity of the things we do every day. Many of them have an insane number of followers, and advertisers are taking notice.

For example, a young Frenchman named Jerome Jarre has 2.1 million followers on Vine. He specializes in hugging strangers in New York City and other antics that perhaps only a foreigner could get away with in the Big Apple. Recently, I saw that General Electric featured Jarre and his buddy Marcus Johns (2.5 million followers) in a Vine to advertise something called the Apple Drop.

Rudy Mancuso (1.7 million followers) was recently featured in a Trident Gum Vine post, along with Nicholas Megalis (2.6 million followers). One of the best Rudy posts is a collaboration with King Bach (2.2 million followers). It’s a rap that goes like this:

Bach: “I’m lovin’ New York City…”

Mancuso: “But you know I love it bigger…”

Bach: “I’m chillin’ with my Cuban…”

Mancuso: “And I’m chillin’ with my…. African-American”

One of my favorite Vine celebs is Alphacat (1.1 million followers), who does a spot on impression of President Obama (dancing, tapping our phones). Another good person to follow is QPark (about 625,000 followers), whose schtick includes “Sudden Rachet Syndrome.”

Among the relatively few truly hilarious female Vine celebs is Simone Shepherd (959,000 followers) whose “How to handle those friends who…” skits are classics! She has a real flair for nailing the above referenced quotidian elements of life.

Silly? Perhaps. But you’ll thank me on those days when instead of shaking your head over a post that would have been best left unposted, you instead find yourself #ROFL. You’re welcome.


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