Stop with the handwringing: One more example of why these are not the worst of times for journalism

Sign of the times.

“I’d never seen a story that had such a high degree of importance and such a low degree of understanding.” — Lara Setrakian, News Deeply

When people wring their hands about the future of journalism, I like to point to real examples about why these are not the worst of times for our industry. This morning I came across a great story about a woman whose digital news initiative is cause for celebration and optimism.

Not only is Lara Setrakian making us smarter and better informed about Syria (among other things), her own career journey shows how a journalist can and must evolve to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.

She’s the founder of News Deeply, described as “a new media startup and social enterprise based in New York. We are registered as a B Corp, or Benefit Corporation, with the stated mission of advancing foreign policy literacy through public service journalism.” Out of News Deeply came Syria Deeply.

From (Fast Company):

In December 2012, Setrakian launched Syria Deeply, a single-topic news site that’s changing both the way journalists cover a global crisis and the way the global news audience receives information. It’s also just the first in what Setrakian hopes is a series of “Deeply” sites to come, tackling everything from Congo to the war on drugs.”

The article traces Setrakian’s career trajectory from TV news correspondent to niche topic journalist. Of the smaller audience she reaches today Setrakian says:  “I’m very satisfied serving the niche,” she says. “I love the niche. Let me live in the long tail the rest of my days. I felt only abundance, not scarcity.”


Here’s what Arianna Huffington had to say as everyone was wondering what the purchase of the Washington Post by Jeff Bezos might mean for journalism. I like it.

“After all, despite all the dire news about the state of the newspaper industry, we are in something of a golden age of journalism for news consumers. There’s no shortage of great journalism being done, and there’s no shortage of people hungering for it.”

Amen, sister. Amen.

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