When did that happen? 9 things I do differently in 2015

A few months ago I unplugged my television and called the cable company to request Internet-only service. I am not one of those “I don’t watch TV,” people! I work in television news, and I have a number of favorite must-see shows. What I realized, however, is that I could watch most of them online, either via live stream (for example, the news) or using my trusty Netflix account and Amazon Prime memberships.

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Now, the only time I watch actual TV is at work (CNN or 9 On Your Side News) or when I am visiting my mother in St. Louis: Ample opportunity to catch up with the latest from Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady. (I do miss the delight that comes with finding a Law & Order episode on any number of channels at pretty much any time of day).

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Upon reflection, I realize that slowly but surely I am becoming one of those (other) people. Are you?

  1. Holiday and birthday greetings via Facebook rather than actual cards, as of 2010
  2. No landline phone, as of 2011
  3. Binge-watching shows online, as of 2013
  4. Cable quitter, as of 2014
  5. iTunes, as of 2006
  6. Spotify, as of 2013 (I am not a Pandora person)
  7. Most news consumption online, as of 2007
  8. Arranging travel (flights, hotels, car rentals, destination information), increasingly as of 2008
  9. Bill-paying, increasingly as of 2006

I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD or DVD. And, I’m considering getting rid of the ones (still) collecting dust in my apartment.

There are a few things I still do the old school way: I read books and magazines in actual paper form. I also do crossword puzzles on paper–binge style, via compilations of Sunday New York Times puzzles. When it comes to shopping, I am about 50-50: For clothes and shoes, I usually go to an actual store; when buying gifts, it’s online. Also, I still like to carry some cash, and I write a check for rent.

What about you? Please take my poll!


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