How to slow down in 10 steps

1. Fly to somewhere that makes you feel serene. Pick a place where internet connections are slow (and there are few places with free wifi) and  “roaming” on your mobile phone will be really expensive.  

 2. Arrive. This may happen after a very long travel day, after which you are exhausted but still in non-vacation mode: tense, cranky & pessimistic. 

3. Have your favorite drink while looking out over a beautiful scene (e.g. The Caribbean Sea).

4. Eat something delicious.

5. Go to bed early.

6. Wake up early the next day.

7. Have your coffee outside looking at a beautiful scene (e.g. Boats in a marina, coconut trees & a lagoon)

8. Sit.

9. Update your blog to rid yourself of the residual urge to do something.

10. Unpack


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