Brief Life Story

Some might say I get bored easily. Others might say my intellect requires a life of variety and color, and the seeking of new challenges. Both statements would be accurate.

You may know me as a television or digital journalist, a social media enthusiast, a journalism professor, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, the daughter of Zee and Al Edgell or the sister of Randall Edgell, MD.

The best moniker for what I am doing now might be communicator. I relocated to Belize City, Belize (where I was born) in June 2016 for a new job: Communication and Marketing Officer for the National Institute for Culture and History. In addition to my day job, I am teaching a course for local journalists that examines the intersection of Belize’s environment and its economy.

Check out our class tumblr: Eco Pulse Belize

Before moving back to Belize, I worked for the EW Scripps Co.: First, as community editor for WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) and then a director of digital media for KSHB-TV (Kansas City, Mo.) Before arriving in the Queen City, I lived and worked in St. Louis as a freelance journalist, consultant and trainer. Before that I was with, as one of two Regional Editors for greater St. Louis.

Origin story

My parents met in British Honduras in the mid-1960s, where my mother was a journalist and teacher and my father was director of CARE.  I was born just about a year after they were married. In two months we were on the move: to Nigeria, where my father was part of CARE work to help rebuild parts of the country torn up during the Biafran War.  Over the course of my formative years, we lived in the United Kingdom (1972-73), the United States (1973), and Afghanistan (1974-77) where my brother Randall “Randy” Clive Edgell came into the world!

After Afghanistan, the Edgells lived back in the US for a short while and then moved to Bangladesh (1978-80). Then, we moved back to my native land, now called Belize (1980-82), where we built a home in Belize City.

Our familial meanderings took us back to the US (1982-84) and then to East Africa (1984-86), where my parents lived in Somalia and my brother and I attended boarding school in Kenya.

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Then, it was back to the land of my birth. After about a year in Belize, I left for college in the US and my family settled into a seven-year stint in one place – a first for us!

Clearly, my peripatetic early life made an impression on me as I entered adulthood.  After college in Michigan I lived back in Belize, then moved to South Florida (just in time for Hurricane Andrew), went to grad school in Ohio, and embarked on a television news career that took me to Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit in the 1990s. I shifted gears in 2001, moving to Florida to teach journalism at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee.  In 2006 I joined the faculty at the Missouri School of Journalism as an assistant professor and executive producer at KOMU-TV, the NBC affiliate where the newsroom serves as a teaching lab for journalism students.
And that brings me back to…?

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