Here are some things you won’t find on my resume:
  • Born: August 6, 1969 in Belize City, British Honduras
  • Quirky facts about me: I was Miss Belize in 1986-87.  The contest allowed me to travel, including a trip to represent Belize at the Miss Universe Pageant in Singapore. I did some acting in high school and college. I love crossword puzzles.
  • I’ve visited three Communist entities while they were still Communist: China, East Berlin and Cuba. I’ve been to two former Communities countries: Armenia and Russia.
  • Overall, I been to about 30 countries.
  • I love to read! Check out my Goodreads bookshelf!
  • Addicted to crossword puzzles
  • Favorite color = green
  • TV. Give me anything with Law & Order in the title. Also: The Killing, True Detective, The IT Crowd, Call the Midwife, Vera, The Closer, LOST, The Wire, The Tudors, 48 Hours Mystery, 30 Rock, Seinfeld, Portlandia, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Will & Grace, Breaking Bad, Snapped, Finding Your Roots
  • I get my news from: WCPO.com, NPR, the BBC, The New York Times (online), The Week
  • Periodicals I like: The New Yorker, Budget Travel, National Geographic, The New York Review of Books, Harper’s

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